XLNC Leadership Styles and Team Climate

EXCELLENCE scientifically measures the quality of the leadership work you do, its direct impact on your organizational climate and its influence on the company's success.

XLNC has been developed by an interdisciplinary team of experts, coaches and diagnosticians, as well as experienced senior executives.

XLNC_s The Leadership Style Profile

  • Identifies the individual leadership style mix of a manager and
  • measures whether the styles used are experienced by the employees as appropriate to the situation.

XLNC_c The System Climate Profile

  • Analyzes the climate in an organization (unit), which is characterized by the leadership styles, by comparing actual and target values.

Your benefit:

  •  An effective step into agile working environments and organizational structures - by conveying a transformational understanding of leadership.
  • The reflection of the individual leadership behavior of a manager (self-image) in comparison with the assessment of the employees (external image) of an organization (entity).
  • A clear picture of the perceived 'climate' in an organization (unit).
  • A well-founded and practical basis for needs-oriented leadership development and effective organizational development
  • Substantial points of departure for tailor-made leadership development programs, (leadership) culture development processes, leadership feedback, team development processes, executive coaching and much more.