"Everyone needs a coach ... We all need people who give us feedback. That's how we improve."

- Bill Gates

Leadership is key to a company’s success. Studies prove, that leadership culture and behavior have measurable impact on the company results through their impact on employee motivation, performance, satisfaction, loyalty and health.

It starts with personality. It’s an insightful experience to explore our personal traits and I highly recommend it.


Personality influences our preferred leadership styles. There are ways to identify the individual leadership style profile and its impact on the teams when it comes to trust, cooperation and performance.


And there is no one perfect style! Science shows that a key factor for successful leadership behavior is the ability to actively apply a broad repertoire of different leadership styles and to choose the style that is appropriate to the specific situation, people involved, as well as context and resources available.


This is not always an easy task, especially in highly volatile environments.


As time might be the most precious asset, taking the assessments in combination with executive coaching will set executives up for laser-focused action in order to improve their impact. 

Together we'll create a customized process to meet your goals and deliverables.