FiRE - For Factors Improving Resilience Effectiveness®. 

Resilience describes your capability to handle setbacks, difficulties and uncertainties with a constructive spirit and to recover or even grow after a crisis with the strength of one's own efforts. 

Resilience is not only a trait which is innate to a person. It is also a competence which can be trained and turned into a habit. It is also influenced by our overall life situation which is also called state. Hence, our level of resilience is fundamentally determined by three different concepts of personality psychology: traits, habits and state. 

Like a muscle our level of resilience can also be increased by regular and suitable practice and by identifying and avoiding behaviors which are not helpful for its growth. 

The Executive FiRE Index® measures the stress and ambiguity tolerance which is innate to an individual's personality, i.e. the traits and in addition also the effectiveness of a person's self-management and coping strategies,i.e. the habits, as well as the current level of wellbeing, i.e. the state. 

Based on the Factors improving Resilience Effectiveness®, this instrument measures how well you have integrated resilience best practices and routines into your daily life.